Recent Work


Behind the Art: Lisa Congdon - Creative Live
Camera Operator - C300mk II

I had the privilege of spending time with Lisa Congdon and her wife while shooting a promotional video for her new CreativeLive course this last summer in Portland.


Time Line - Evan Gutt

Time Line is the story of an unassuming man's surreal encounter with the past while waiting in line to check out at the grocery store.


Tasty: Red Velvet Cupcakes - BuzzFeed
Camera Operator - 5Dmk IV

I had the opportunity to shoot the interview portion of this Tasty video with Kevin Durant at the Nike studio in Beaverton using two 5Dmk IV Canon cameras.


HairBrained Live Promo - Digital Product Studios

During the summer/fall of 2018 I worked as an editor for HairBrained Live Academy’s online educational videos. I cut together all their courses as well as created promotion videos and motion graphics for logos and lower thirds.


UpSkill & Skylight - Sierra Media
Camera Operator & Editor - C100/5Dmk III

I shot and edited this piece for UpSkill demonstrating how the technology behind Skylight helps improve productivity and safety throughout multiple Johnson & Johnson companies.


Lose You - Empty Platform
Director of Photography - Sony A7s

“Lose You” is a musically inspired short film portraying a young man in the midst of a battle with depression and addiction. His life and relationship begin to spin out of control as his abuse reaches a boiling point risking the lives of those he loves. Directed by Mckenzie Glisson, this short is dedicated to the memory of Nathanial Closen who wrote and composed the music and story; he tragically passed away in 2015.

HP Experience: Chef - VMG Studios
Camera Assistant - RED Epic

I worked as the camera assistant for this piece by VMG Studios showing how a Chief can use the new innovations that Microsoft and HP cook up to help him teach.


SpectraMax iD3 - Sierra Media

I edited this video while working for Sierra Media back in 2016. I edited everything in Premier Pro while utilizing After Effects to create all of the motion graphics and lower thirds.


There Will Be Dust - Breakthrough Films

Made for the Portland 48hr Film Project, this fun short went on to win best Editing! Everyone ended up where multiple hats while working on very little sleep and the fact this video was completed on time is a triumph in itself.


SpectraMax iD5 - Sierra Media Inc.
Camera Operator - Sony F55

I worked as the Director of Photography on this promotional video for Molecular Device’s Spectramax iD5 at their headquarters in San Jose, CA back in 2017.


Spirit of the West - Clearwater Studios
Director of Photography - Sony F3

When Evelyn Jones and her husband set out to create a therapeutic riding center they knew they would be helping to change the lives of those who needed the most help, what they didn't know is that those same individuals she aimed to save would be the ones to empower her through her darkest hours. Produced and shot for the 2014 International Documentary Challenge, this short was selected as one of the 12 finalists and premiered at the 2014 Hot Docs International Film Festival.