Sinfully Simple: It's sometimes best to just take it easy...

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a mission video for Sinful Confections Bakery and I’m happy to say it was rather successful. For this video I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do something simple and fun and free for a company that brings something fresh to the community so I decided to reach out to Sinful Confections and offer up my services on a whim. After meeting the owners, Julie and Roger, I knew that I had made a great decision and that the ensuing project would be nothing but stress free fun. Something I think we all need a bit more of. Check out the final video below.


Sometime you just need something fresh…


I don’t like to make a habit of offering up free work for the sack of staying busy, but I do enjoy being able to create something fun without the stress or expectations that are on the table when dealing with a clients budget. Sometimes you need to break away from the restrictions that are often presented in client work and freshen up the process.

When I was thinking of who I might approach to do something like this, Sinful was my first thought. I have known about their Gluten Free and Vegan cupcakes for a couple years. My girlfriend is Gluten Free (and recently Vegan at that) so we often drop by Sinful’s stand at the Beaverton farmers market and pick up some treats for the week. I’ve always been impressed with the flavors and textures that Julie is able to create and having lived with someone who can’t eat normal cookies or cupcakes I know first hand how much a simple baked good can mean.


Chocolate Cupcake

With Mint Frosting & Chocolate Chips


Keeping the shoot simple was key…



… Delicious Vegan Butter

I wanted to shoot something great for Julie and Roger but I also wanted to keep it simple, small and somewhat easy. After scouting the location I decided to accept the day light being spilled through the garage door as FILL and then used an array of LEDs to great my KEY and background textures. I was fortunate to have the helpful hands of some volunteers, Trey Kenyan & Cody Campbell, who assisted on audio and grip for me. Trey also provided his 5Dmk IV when my first option fell through last minute.

We shot everything on Sigma’s 35mm and 50mm Art lenses because I wanted a shallow image that was also crisp and clean to highlight the ingredients. I decide to shoot 60 fps to create silky smooth shots. And I wanted to rely on Julies voice over interview to guide us through the story allowing me to focus on the visuals and negate the complications of capturing audio in a noisy industrial kitchen.


In the end we had a very relaxing fun filled shoot that really felt like four friends baking stuff up…

Kevin O'Donnell